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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 26, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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when we look at what we're seeing and whatou'r in at comdo this point to change the forces of gravity? >> they're depending now on a barack obama implosion. the states are so big that they need obama to go down as they're going up. >> a lot to talk about today. i the national come pain manger here. we're hearing to hear from president mahmoud ahmadinejad at the u.n. when he starts speaking, we want to take part of that address. if we jump out, forgive me, but we want to make sure we get that. boidreut w n campaign ad, both featuring romney's 41% remarks. i want to get everybody up to speed. take a look. >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things bter for them. haneo are on n welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get
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off welfare and get a good paying job. >> when mitt romney dismissed 47% of americans for not pulling thr we, hettd millions of hard-working people making $25,000, $35,000, $45,000 a year. romney paid 14% on taxes in over $13 million in income. ben, all along people say the road to pennsylvania avenue goes through oo a your campgn rortey sees this as game over. that is for mitt romney because of the new polling that's out today, putting president ahead by ten points. a lot of people, though, would say that those polls could be wrong and inflated. but what are you doing to make sure ohio stays as a strength let me be clear from the beginning. we're running like we're ten points behind. we don't have roseolored glasses on here. the reaction is there's a reaction across the state. it provided context behind the
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he w o hard-working people who have worked their entire lives, paying in medicare and social security but gave an explanation for his policies. just this weekend he sai that even though he made $13 million last year, he should pay a lower rate on his income taxes than somebody making $50,000. itxpla whydai taxes on middle-class families by paying for $5 trillion tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. i think that's binning to crystallize across the state of io sw y ohio. >> they'reismissing all of these battleground polls calling them flawed. here's what one romney aide had to say spiskly about ohio. take a look. >> the question was i we lose ohio can we win. say if ifs andut and candy were buts every day would be christmas. >> what do you make of that? >> it's hard to make out the
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comments in the state of ohio. it comes down to the fact that one in eight jobs are linked to the industry. ppchn. s of jobs u and down t when the pundit said not to. they said let detroit go bankrupt. mitt romney went to detroit. manufacturing is the backbone in commities acro ohio th gavn manufacturing jobs. more than 50,000 manufacturing jobs have been created across ohio during that administration. more than 500,000 across the country. i think that ohio in many ways is a microcosm of the challenges that the nion facrd t str y how we' beguto overcome them. >> meanwhile as you make those strong distinction points, mitt romney is making case elsewhere in ohio that it can't afford four more years of the president. this isn't on the plane. hopefully you'll b abl tr
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better. >> do we want four more years where every single year the take home pay goes down? >> no! >> do we want four more years of trillion-dollar defici? >> no. >> so, ben,itt romney has ra $il tredent obama's $2.8 million. the super pacs as inow you're aware has fire power to release. when that happens in conjunction with the debates, do u frn ev ter rhere? >> well, mitt romney has to pre sent a plan. that's what these advertisements won't be able to do. the burden is on him to explain why returning to the se economic policies that caused the crisis in the first place, more tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, stripping it over wall st sehow unleash job creation when it hasn't in the past. ultimately they here not building on the ground. we've been on the ground for the past four years. our organizers and supporters
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talking to their neighbors and communies. they may be able to build a 72-hour tnkey operationut wavhe same roots in the community that we've been building over the past four years. that will be stronger than any negative advertisement on the air for special interest groups. >> super pac commercials may miss out on the specifics but the debates may be pivot al and some are worried with just the three days blocked out for the debate preps. president obama has had t nceluteau what's going on in the middle east. >> we're taking note of the fact that the romney campaign has built this up as a pivotal moment. they're looking for a reagan debate type of moment. he took the wk of the democricvenowo prepare for the debates. but i don't think americans will
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judge this on style point ace loan. he's got to be specific about his policy. >> big ben, i want t interrupt because president ahmadinejad is now speaking at the u.n. >> transr:hese companions and all the underlying messengers. oh, god, hasten the emergence of your chosen beloved. grant him good health and victory. make us his best companions and and all those submit to his rightfulness. mr. president and laetds and gentlemen. i thank the almighty god for being able to participate. we're gathered toque to build a better lifer for their unanrio coming from iran, the land of glory and beauty, the land of knowledge, culture, wisdom,
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rali and craze of misty sichl. the land of compassion and life. the the land of science, scholars, philosophers, masters of literature and writers, the land of - i represent a great and proud nation that is a founder of human civilization and an inhair tore of respected universal values. i represent a conscious nation which is dedicated to the cause of peace and compassion, a nation that has experienced the agony and bitter times of the aggressions and imped wars and ouly vues bin of peace and the stability. i am now here for the eighth
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time in the eighth year of my service. to my nob peoe i this assely oisnd brother from across the world to show to the world that my noble nation like its brilliant past has a global vision and welcomes any effo iended to providend promote peace, stability, and tranquility which can only be realized through harmony, cooperation, and joint management oworld. i am here to voice the divine and humanitarian message of learned men and women of my country. to you and to the whole worl
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meage iran's great orator and poet presented to humanity in his eternal two-line poetry. human bngsre mem o whole in creation of one essence and soul. if one member is afflicted with pain, others are. i have talked in the past seven years about the current challenges, solutions, and prpectof turd. and today i want to raise and discuss such issues from a different perspective. thousands of years has passed since children of adam. peace bepon him has started to settow iar parts of earth. different scholars, customs, languages, wasser tos and
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traditions pursued consisteny toed by aspirations, build a society for a more beautiful leeditaspeace, security, and happiness. desfiet all efforts made by raushs people and justice seekers and sufferings and pains endured by masses of people in the quest to achieve hpine dvict the history of mankind except in rare cases is marked with unfulfilled dreams and failures. imagine for a moment had there be nostrund malicious behaviors and relationships with no one violating the rights of others, had humanitarian values been viewed as the cry tearian for social dignity in place of affluence and nsisad
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humanity not experienced the dark age of medieval periods and centers of power, not hindered the flourishing of knowledge and constructive thoughts, had the wars of crusade and the ensuing periods of slavery and coloistpe a had the inher tors of these dark course followed the humanitarians, the first and second wars europe, vietnam, america, latin america andn thealka napd andf instead of the occupation of palestine an imposition of a fake government, displacement and genocide of millions of people arod e globe, the truth behind these warsad bn reveed based on ic saddam hussein not invaded iran and had the big powers supported the right of iranian people instead of siding with sadd,
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if the tragic incident of september 11th andhe mit acs ainst after gap stan and iraq that left millions killed and homeless had not happened and if instead of killing and throwing the cup pretty into the sea without informing the world and t pe oama, a independent factindieam had been formed to make the general public aware of the fruit behind the incident and prepared for bringing to justice the perpetrators, had extremism or terrorism not been used for political goals, had the harms been turne into pains and extend pendy turs had been used to build a equity. had religus cflicotn be and if differences had not been used for the purpose of
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advancing political agendas, had the right to krit siechl the policies and actions of the world zioni been recognize thellowhe woriao freely repo and shed light on realities instead of taking deceitful gestures bent on offendinthe sanctities and malsacred beliefs of human beings and divineessenger who as the pt andos compassion at hum beings are the gift of the almighty to manity, had the security council not been under the domination or the limed number it nations to carry out its responsibilities on a just and equitable basis, if the international economic institutions had not been under pressure and were allowed to conformed the functions by using
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their expertise based on rld citalists not weakened or victimized the economies of nations in order to make up for their own mistakes, had integrity andonesty had not prevailed and all natio a rns tedqually and justly in the global efforts to build and expand happiness for the entire mankind and if tens of other unfavorable situations had notccurred in human life. imagine how beautiful and pleasant our lives and how lovely the history of mankind would have been. let us take a look at the world's situation today. a, the economic situation. poverty is on the rise and the gap is widening between the rich
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and the poor. industrial countries has exceeded $63 trillion whi the repaent hf ohis aunt is sufficient to eradicate poverty in the world. the economy's dependent on consumerism and exploitation on people who only serve the interests or the limited number of countries. paper assets using it over control of the world economic centers contributes to the greatest efforts of history and is considered a major contributor tolobal economic crisis it has bee reported that only 33 reams of paper assets were printed by one government alone. development planning based on capitalist economy that runs in a vicious circltrigrs
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hey evti competitions, and it is a failed practice. b, the situation. from the standint of the politicians who control the world power centers, the concept such as imty honesty, compassion and self-sacrifice are rejected as defunct. and an impediment to the accomplishment of their als. they openly talk about their disbelief in the relevance o ethics to t pitic and soci affrs pure and indigenous cultures is the product of centuries-old efforts of nations, the common denominator reflecting a human profound feeli and love toward beauties andce w breaches it and social die namism are under contact atacts and susceptible to extinction.
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specific life and style devoid of individual social identity has en imposed oi nations by stionized and systemac fa as the noblest institutions of societies and the center emanating love and humanity has been seriously weakened and its destructive incline. women as a l being, image of beauty and the main pillar of every society has been damaged and abused by the powerful and the wealthy. human soul has become frustrated and the essen of humankind humiliated and suppressed. political and security situation. unilateralism, application of double standards and the imposition on wars, stability andccupation to ensure economic interests and expand dominance ovensitive centers of the woravne b
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thorder of the day. arms race and intimidation by nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction by the powers have bome prevalent. testing newerenerations of ultra modern weaponry and t edge toiscl t a aments, undue time is now being used as a new language of threats against nations to coerce them into accepting a new era of . coinued threat b the unli zionists to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear scam excel of this bit of reality. a sta ofmistrust h katz its owth limd relations. no one feels secure or safe, even those who have a stockpile,
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thousands of atom ek bbs and other arms in their arsenals. d, the environmentaltuat ironnts commonwealth and heritef then tire humankind and a con stability guarantor of man's survival has been seriously damaged and devastated as a result of irresponsible and excessive use of resources, particularly by capitalists across the world. aituahat h caused massive welt, flood, and pollution. this advances in scientific knowledge and chlogy. the aspations ofdams il hoteteen fulfilled. does anybody believe that continuation of the current order is capable of bringing happiness for human society? today everyone is discontent and disappointed with the current inteational or dear colleagues.
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human beings do not deserve to be under continued suffers of the present situation. our wisdom and compassion who loves all human beings has not ordained a destiny mankd. he has altered human as the supreme crucial to make the best and most beautiful life on earth along with justice, love, and dignity. we must therefore think o a solution. who is responsible f all these suerinand failures? some people try to justify that everything is normal and a reflection of divine will, putting the blame on nations as responsible for all prevalent vices and evils. they are of the opinion that it is theations tha subome t scrinati and tierney. it's the nation who surrenders to dictatorship and greed. its the nations that accept the expanseless powers.
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is the nations who are fluenced by the prompting and tacticof ps aos our world are the result of the passive attitudes with the inclination to live under the supremacy of the world powers. these are the arguments raised by those who tend to blame naonsor thepor coions prevailing in the world with the intention to justify the attitudes and destructive behaviors of the ruling minority. these claims supposedly authentic cannot in any way juify a continuation of the present oppressive international order. >> we've been listening to president mahmoud ahmadinejad at the address of united general sembly. as you saw several cutaways, the seats are empty. prestetheratd outside the u.n. objecting to the iranian leader being given a world stage for this often
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inflammatory rhetoric that we've heard in the past. this is his eighth time appearing there. many also objecting to him speaking on holiest day, yom kippur. what do you make of it? his eighth address? >> it's very concerning at a whupprsed h own people talks about freedom and about love and about humanity and about all of that while he's actually imprisoning most of them, especially his opposion daily, torturing them, killing them, o e t electn in -- he t g 2000et. ty arab springs started in iran in 2009 when thousands went in the streets and said the election was not fair and the election was won by their own man.
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iro h hkibo 's a lite bit all of these loving values, but the concerning part is when he talk about the atomic bomb. when he said, we are -- you know, even when you have nukes and you have missiles, you're not protected. what he's trying to say, is he t ouow to protect l, w need t ourselves by developing more and more atomic weapons? he's saying that while actually the head of the parliament and others are saying we're willing to negotiate, open to ipectors ke t-- w didn't even reach a solution whether we want an atomic bomb or not. we want to develop the technology, and the clear technology simil f civil reasons. is was their taste so far. what he's saying today, he doesn't feel safendroteed inoritmb >> that's what i was going to say that was interesting to me that made my ears perk up.
11:24 am
obviously the beginning of his speech was a little flowery, he was gathered with others to decide how to build aette as w h eighth time there with a vision for global peace and frtranquility. >> he'sing tworder thgs. s domestic policy failed totally. under the presidency, you have the worst sanctions, the worst unemployment, and people really resent this regime. they hate him. 70% of the iranians are under 30 sold. and they don't want him. another thing he's saying, we're not safe so we need to have nukes and we need to have developed all of these nuclear technology. undehis prenhepe been doing.
11:25 am
allinds of facilities. wherever in iran. even in the region and they're so protected understood ground. so far they didn't -- i know and most of the world leaders think they didn't reach aecisn whr evtnt hier stage, meaning nuclear weapons or not, but they're still developing them. and we know that the iaea said that they are making research on how to weaponize or how to work on an electronicpoow to detonate nuclear weapons. i think what he's saying, they would like to do that. >> one thing we didn't here at least in this point is anything about israel. but he talked about an occupied palestine and zioni nati. >>f the leaders use palestinian issue as a flag, from reforms, lack of freedom and all incredible things he's
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been talking about theoretically. but then on the ground, he's doing d following other grounds. >> tnks rng h eng beackere with more on msnbc after this quick break. stick around. ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do t pren thnogies all natural gas producers ♪ something to me to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reduci emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... . prt - rinr pr and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. cial slow as continuseleases caium plus d
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with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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welcome back, everybody. as we mentioned both of the candidates appearing in ohio, a state that mitt romney definitely needs to win but the newolls don't paint such a etty picture for the gop b ir l. karen finney, former communications director for the dnc, also an msnbc political analyst and political analyst john ferry. thanks for sticking around with me. we bron wi news with ahmadinej ahmadinejad's speech. >> up by 2 points since
11:30 am
mid-july, obama's ringsor iscig going week really do or die for mitt romney on the campaign trail this week and then leading into october 3rd, that first debate? >> well, i think he's behind in ohio, for example. and i think his campaign is starting to gear up post democrat convention. rexe, they've just started getting ads in youngstown, ohio. they're going to have to pick up the pace. the debating are going to be critical. think he had a very good "60 w having bill clinton say something nice about you might give him a bounce, which i think he desperately needs. >> karen, we see in each of these new polls, the women are the driving force, but the romney campaigns s they see a chigen t polls seem to indicate, basically downplaying what's out there right now. could they be right? could things be a lot tighter
11:31 am
than we're seeing? >> well, it's to be expected that both sides are goi to do what they can. you have three polls facing the discredit in multiple ways. i think there's got to be some truth. president obama is up pretty substantially in a number of polls. women voters critically important. i think it puts the go in a tough spot becau heouav gs defending the concept of legitimate rain or forceable rape as part of the that puts the party on defense when it comes to women voter vo. >>kan,hi ck whouhe latest poll up by ten points, are you smili from ear to ear or what? >> you know what? i'm going tell you something. when i was at the dnc then and now i would be very concerned simile because you can't take anything for granted. conha pde
11:32 am
bets o the margin of error in terms of his lead because i don't underestimate karl rove to steal the election. the tay party vote challenng enn il bse they didn't put their dorm room number on their registrations. those kids are bng subpoenaed to go to court. those are the kind ofactics we're starting to see. >> both sides, bh candidates dan 1:00 hour here on msnbc. and president obama is doing poorly wh white working class voters in just about every region of the country except the midwest. so why in theidwest is his message winning in the see?graphics a faing hae're seeing in the polls in the south where president obama is very unpopular, voters overall traditionally don't like m.
11:33 am
outside of that, they're doing pretty well. the marginsre pretty well. the key thing in those polls n'rit. s i r no the election is not over. john said the same thing. that said obama's ahead by nine points in ohio. i mean romney's going to have to convince them that they're telling pollsters change their mind and come bac eruncide and then to romney, which is really challenging this late in the game. >> 41 days to go. we shall see. thanks to all of you, all three of you for stickin around for our abbreviated power panel. agai my anks. so bac withewor t v this election. the congressional black caucus has launch add new campaign at informing voters on what they need and need to do to cast their ballots. andt's not oy vot i. me 16 people are purging
11:34 am
people from their voter polls. a member of the congressional black caucus, sir, it's goodo have you here. explain to us more about the efforts and your efforts to get voters ready f these new laws atou d exactly to explain the needs what voters really need when they show up >> first of all, thank you so much for havingme. look, we have decided that in spite of the fact that we think unfair, we think they're a illegal. we don't know yet. we're waiting on the courts to do that. but in the meantime, we're going state by state looking at all of these requirements, and we're doing what isecessaryo ant people to meet these various tests. we are very pleased with the reception we're getting thus far. we just had over flow of crowds here in south carolina.
11:35 am
we had about 12 or 14 i think eventsosat yesterday. and we've got all of t african-american -- in universities, fraternities and sororities. we're going to couer the vote. we're going into these voting places and we're goingaveur enhen election day. we're not going to be intimidated by these people who feel that their presence is going to do something to dissuade the african-american voters. we're going to stand up to them anwe'rgoing to make sur thvedy i eligible cast a vote. >> sir, i want to blind everybody. in late august, a three-judge federal panel blocked the voter i.d. issue in the state of texas. in their brief they wrote about this sa,coat, it imposes strict unforgiving burdens on
11:36 am
the poor and racial minorities in texas and-to-protect the integri of elections in the state from fraud and impersonation. but we have very little ses, ecifas f or impersonation issues going on here like this. is the federal judge's ruling in this about the fact that it imposes an unfair burdenn the poor basically saying this is a poll tax and other states like pennsylvan and south carolina t f their own rulings? >> and that's what they're doing. they're using that. but the fact of the matter is you have to look at the intent. i think we all do that. etude d. w picture e, they say on it is not good enough to vote, but a hunting license without a picture is good enough. whats the intent of doing
11:37 am
that. they say, pses a voter i.d. law that would make it possible for mitt romney to win in pennsylvania and we have done it. what was that intent? was it his intention to get rid of fraud or was it his intention so i think the courts have got plenty enough to work with. but we're not going to leave it to that. we're going to press forward with doing what we think is necessary to mobilize voters, to t themotar iany states, 23, i believe. voting has already begun and i'm on my way to florida friday to get ready for early voting down in florida. >> sir, thank you for joining me. i appreciate your time. >> thank you so much for having me. >>absolutely. efa, newt gingrich's comparison o president obama to those nfl replacement judges?
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and then, endorsi akin. which two are throwing theirweight behind todd akin's missouri senate race. at y receive on the show, you can join the conversation, find us on places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep.
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prego? but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. pregnant women exposed to air pollution may be putting their unborn baby in a short supply of vitamin dchlt. they had a higher risk than those who were notpose aia w strongest when exposure occurred during the third trimester. defending her man. ann romney how snow says she wa briefly worried over the sharp
11:42 am
tongue she used last week. last nightean leno's "tonight show," mrs. romney was asked about her "stop it" remark on radio. >> i liked seeing you get mad. did you get feedback? >> no, no. i steppedut of the interview and said, oh dearas a lo strong. everyone i've seen has givenmy high fives. joining me now is melissa harris-perry, host of the melissa harris-perry show here on msnbc. she went ono give a little more baground of her frustration. t'takeomen wteou y, tt four years ago, it's a hard thing to do this, especially being the wife and having to listen to all this stuff all the time. four years ago i made a videotape and on the videotape i look in the camera and i said, mitt, this is for your, sweethrt. mev dhiag >> oh, really. >> yes. and i showed it to him and he
11:43 am
looked at it and he said, you know, ann, you say that after every pregnancy. >> not a time taped video or time capsule after the second, irou sth we have been watching a lot of people being critical of ann romney's tougher tone as she talked four years ago saying s was not doing this again. four years ago could michelle obama ha pulledff n' fire? >> i have a little bit of a soft spot for political wives. it's hard to watch someone white use who you're in love with be in a struggle that is a r t and i even like the fact that a political wife in this case is speaking her mind rather than being fully managed by the campaign atll times. think many of us are frustrated by how political wives sometimes get completely managed in
11:44 am
atdo think michelle obama could have gotten away with these kinds of expressions of anger and irritation about how her husband was treated? no, i don't thinkso. i think we see clearly when michelle obama, before she was the first ,xp e just her pride about it, that she was very much taken to task that and she was also considered maybe a liability going forward. doesn't certainlyave the popularity factor that she has now back then. and the first lady, though, one is championed for school nutrition as part of her "let's move" campaign. they put out this parody called we are hungry. and ey'vle h new eva perron. has it only been riefbded by that of bill clinton?
11:45 am
do you think there's an effort go undermine her as an asset to the obama campaign? >> oh, ablutely. think the thingt'st aping ou . that right. she's a huge asset. extremely popular. whatever negativity there was four years ago has been wiped away by her own astonishing handli of her role as first lady but it's one thing to undeine est oba' lectn ai but to do so in a way that goes at the le jij legitimacy. this issue ofhildhood obesi has problems for chilen alosnd children as a nation. that for me is the part that's really kind of out of pounds. >> melissa harris-perry. just a reminder, you can watch lissa righteren saturday
11:46 am
and sunday on msnbc at 10:00 a.m. it was atrocious. i'm very surprised the replay official didn't overturn it. if the call is in disputend there isn't clear evidence that it was wrong, they're supposed to lett stand. but irtually everybody with a television set, especially with a high-def television set, there's no dispute here. it was conclusively incorrect. >> all right. let's dive in. that's nbc's bob costas. it's the disastrous cl b plen refs that game seattle a win over monday night that's fills coaches and players and thousands of football players. president obama twirted sing that lsh siesd of the aisle hope the refs' lockout is settled soon. >> did you watch that packers'
11:47 am
game last night? give me a break. iel lhe w pe in the president's budget office. >> let's get into this. rob, i've got to throw this rt fast. where can we get a tight shot of thisth"osei can't you se oh say can't you see" with the refs with the seeing-eye dog. this is ioll inry a iinf sofa change that they're not willing to pay to bring them back. >> it's basically $40 million a year in an industry that has $9 billion a year in revenue. the owners wantef semithe 401(k) plan instead of
11:48 am
the pension plan. they want to be able to fire refs who mess up calls. the owners have dug in. they're used to winning things. th had a lockout with the ays. ey'ring to win against the refrs but over a relative live small amount of money. >> when it comes to the nfl and the owners, their money is in the bank with the television ads that have sold. the season's played itself out financially for most of them so therno a lfgl room for these refs, right, except if the replace mnlts refs continue doing what they're doing on the field. >> that's right. the referee's union is sitting back and loving this. they love that that they're sitting back and talking about it. this thing has carly goneo c the referees to sort of dig in and say we're not compromising until we get what we want. the question is now will the owners compromise and give in to the refs. >> your prediction of when this
11:49 am
will come to an end? >> i see t pressure buding iv inoth wewo weeks, week and half. they'll certainly reach an 'agreement within the nextwo weeks. it's now time for the poly side bar. ngrich who campaignedarlier thiseekith ssou se idate todd akin said this last night on fox news. >> frankly happens to be a partial part-time president. he really is a lot like the substitute rs in the sense that 's not a real prest. heoe dy o tng that presidents do. he doesn't worry about any of the things that presidents do. >> akin announced yesterday that he's staying in this race and yesterday, also a deadline for akin to step out. his oh poejt saying this of akin's decision las night on >> you have to remember, this is someone who's always operated on
11:50 am
the fringe ofs he party. he's never really had a warm and close relationship with a lot of the repuican party leaders because of his extreme views. masshusetts, scott brown now says he does not condone the video that reportedly shows his staffers doing a to elizabeth warren's claim of cher row ski descent. rrulling ahead. madonna said she was being ironic when she called president obama a black muslim. madonna said i know he is not a muslim and what if he were? the point i s making a good man is a good man.
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a part of education nation we've been looking at the stories and challenges of students across our country especially those at risks and stats show many african-american
11:54 am
boys from low income urban areas face the greatest danger. a series cald save my son takes a look at what urban family face yingopir kiay from bad influences including abuse in their own homes. >> i had a conversation with her, some of that stuff is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. >> i rememr too, wheret was, she fellthe for a s gobed. i think it was a toaster and hit him. and then she was like -- the kids are in the room. and then he looked up, hit her one more time and then stopped. i'll nev forget. s jng mowhe h ofhat show and founder of the capital magnet school, dr. perry. it's good to have you here. that's a powerful moment. you know, it's emotional to watch the youan talking there about that moment in his life and the tears streaming down his face. tell us more abouthim, h back sty d the swself. >> what i think the story is
11:55 am
about save my son is that young man is not from t hood. he's from plano, texas, suburban communitynd he is being raised by an educator, his mom is an educator. his mom and dad we married. at h eie a young man the tngs so stains had him that he couldn't function. when we met him on stevharv harvey's ranch he was unwilling to engage in anything that we were asking him to do. steve picked him out from jt from the lineup so to speak of 0 yng n. anheruth here is that african-american boys are, in fact, performing the lowest in virtually every category quality of life in many cases doesn't matter if they're in a suburban education system or uan ucation system, they're still under performi soeyonsbout finding ways to help families, good people to become great parents. >> obviously there's going to be no one magic trick that does that, but what are some of the solutions that you've been able to help families implement?
11:56 am
>> one of the biggest problem i see with mothers in particular, they parent through t. ey is any time a child promises to do something, they give them something for it. and they begin rewarding thought. not product. and so many parents especially single parents, they feel like it's my fault that the child is tingherere i need to do he's something to allay my guilt and what they're doing is only prolonging and making the problem be worse. save my sons will change the way we parent. >> the show airs? >> tonight at 9:00. >> on tv 1. >> yeah. >> dr. steve parry, d oowao seeing e sho you more. that's going to wrap things up for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. time. "now" with ale wagner comes your way next. don't go anywhere. en... it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause. th could be early warninghing... signs of a gynecologic cancer,
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